Cancun’s Fajitas – $13.99
Sizzling combination of chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas.

Fajitas – $11.99
Your choice of steak, chicken or shrimp.

Fajita Burrito – $10.99
Your choice of steak, chicken or shrimp burrito stuffed with beans and rice, grilled onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. Served with cheese dip on top, lettuce and diced tomatoes on the side.

Veggie Fajitas – $7.99
Served with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, rice, beans and tortillas.

Shrimp Fajitas – $14.99
Enjoy the delicate and tender flavor of the shrimps on the dish, fajita topped with grilled shrimps, fresh mushrooms and American cheese.

Arroz Con Pollo – $10.99
Tender grilled chicken breast with fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers, rice, avocado, squash, mushrooms and tortillas.

Chicken A La Crème – $10.99
Tender chicken strips cooked in sour cream sauce. Served with rice, beans and tortillas.

Mexican Fried Chicken – $9.99
Deep fried chicken strips smothered with cheese dip. Served with pico de gallo, rice and beans. You may also order with grilled chicken instead.

Carne Asada – $12.99
Thin slices of grilled steak cooked with Mexican salsa. Served with rice, beans, avocado slices, lettuce, tortillas and jalapeño peppers.

Cancun Crispy Tacos – $9.99
Three flour tortillas with your choice of tender deep fried chicken or shrimp, and tossed on your choice of any of our chicken wings sauce.

Chicken Chimichanga – $8.99
Chicken chimichanga with rice and beans, served with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.

3 Tacos Soft – $6.99
3 Tacos Crispy – $5.99
Tacos are served with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and your selection of chicken or beef.